Dr Hanis Saadah Husin
Organising Chairperson
MDES Virtual Conference 2022

Dear Colleagues,

With great honour, on behalf of the Organising Committee of the MDES Virtual Conference 2022, I warmly invite you to the first ever virtual conference organised by Malaysian Diabetes Educators Society. It is an exciting task ahead to face the challenges of unprecedented territory for MDES while embracing the advantages of a virtual conference.

Through the virtual platform, we promise simulation of lively physical conference that all of us used to enjoy. We also aspire to bring to you an interactive and engaging experience through our scientific programs which will be delivered by experts on diabetes care.

We hope the virtual conference will enable more diabetes educators nationwide to participate in advancing their knowledge and skills in managing people with diabetes. Let’s come together for a highly stimulating intellectual event. Looking forward to meeting you on the virtual realm!